Safety Man Canada offers highly skilled and qualified instructors to ensure that all students have the accurate information to ensure that they will be taught the skills to assist them in being safe on the job. We have the ability to customize our training courses to meet the needs of your company.

Safety Man Canada sends their instructors to YOU, or train at one of our many locations. It is our goal to work with you to reduce your training costs by providing flexible scheduling, and our instructors have the ability to teach more than one course which reduces travel costs and allows the students to build a familiar relationship with the instructor and improves student learning and confidence.


About Us

Armand LaSante is the President and CEO of Safety Man Canada Ltd. He began working on the drilling rigs in the 1980’s. After suffering from a work related injury Armand re-looked at the importance of safety and made a decision to make it his life’s work to assist in ensuring the safety of workers in all industries.

Armand has graduated from the University of Alberta with a Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety.

The main focus of Safety Man Canada Ltd., has been training but we are branching out and putting more of our skills to use to better serve you.

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